10th October 1993

Red is the colour of the wine that i drink

Blue is the vastness of how i think

when i lay down to rest my head on you

Pink is the colour that shines on through

and when the bubble does finally burst

and curses and blessings get reversed

all Colours true to who we are

will unfold, unravel and blend in the bazar

and in which we trade, feel joy, feel love,

communicate our subtle shape

our here and now we graciously make

our future now

we infinitely create

golden heart, silver lining

Purple om forever shining

halo of Yellow and Green third eye

my soul i give

forever great


Red is the colour of this wine that i drink

Blue blue is the vastness as i continue to think

as i rise above the etheric White

my consciousness to evaporate

and all the Colours of this life

will become my Rainbow

a precious moment in time

I am another You


Raise the Alarm

Raise the alarm, emergency, in this lifetime there is to be, Anarchy – some people have some deep dark reason, to overthrow to commit treason, disorder in society is their very plight you see, they sense, they touch, they do not fear, they grow in numbers year by year, the submissive young is who they seek, they have the capacity to snare the weak, perceive the effect they have procured to date, we must help to stop this before it’s too late, do not comply to their demands, do not go social where drugs change hands for this is how they will tacitly gain, this is how they will drive insane, our youngest children, our next generation and from this seed will grow a new population, fresh innocent minds will be diverted, the path through lifelines will be averted, the web of change they bring with them, it’s getting closer it’s closing in, they move in circles so as not to be seen, they know where they’re going, they’ve destroyed where they’ve been, so raise the alarm, emergency, be on your guard for they will strike suddenly then all eyes will open and we shall see, The New Age arise.



Depth of view

field of vision


can you feel the rhythmn

of your breathing



do you know what you are doing

with the oxygen that you breath in

what is the shape of your mental persuasion?

your ethereal perception

your earthly protection

what is the shade of your grey?

does it stretch to the white light

or does it curl in decay

your frame, your skeleton

does it succumb to your strain?

what is pain?

central now

with a panoramic preview


you can come too

forget the pain, forget the sorrow

live this minute as if no tomorrow

will ever come your


get in touch

get in tune

do it now

do it soon

earthweb will end

in explosion

together we will find our heaven

prolong the provocation

the strength of the Gods of intervention

are homing in


believe In


The Ghost Wedding Dress

motionless yet moving as the light of the day is fading

remember the crystal cut of the glass of the chandelier

the shine of the silverware

the dress, now covered with dust and cobwebs

silver threads and white beads and sequins without glitter

floating yet still, in the atmosphere

remember the lace that veils the face

a flowered head dress,

flowers, there are none

they died many moons, they are dead, they are long gone

surely it is going to be

the ghost Wedding Dress for me

so serene

it is

it has been

so alone

all beauty now ugly

windblown yet calm it hangs tattered and torn

spoiled by the light of a summer dawn

remember the ring of age and wisdom

dancing now within the kingdom

of the lost souls with the finest of hearts waiting to be sewn

into the ether for the happily ever after

the ghost Wedding Dress that is definitively mine

so serene hanging there alone

no more patina

dare to touch it’s fragile state

dare to dance to the tune of the gown

the ghost Wedding Dress

will be mine



27th July 1999



the spirit of it all left behind


Three Point Theory

awakened from my sleep

I packed a handful of dreams into a suitcase

painted on my bravest face

held close my three point theory

slung my guitar over my shoulder

took a journey to nowhere in particular

no stranger to my love’s lost cause

no stranger to my ever falling grace

got a bag of sweet thoughts of meeting my maker

my demons trouble me no longer,

just leave it to my angels to anticipate my danger

and without suffering, they guide me, see me clearly

cos i’m all consumed, i let my fires burn

i let the angels lead me, i follow as they call me

to return to my beginning

awakened from a curse

that which had such a hold

that which snatched away my dreams completely

i woke up to set them free

took a leap of faith, walked the fields of my falling grace

no stranger to the depths of my lack of faith

takes a brave heart to reach

takes a brave heart to speak truth

takes a brave heart to seek out their maker

cos i’m all consumed, i let my fires burn

i let the angels lead me, i follow as they call me

to return to my beginning

no life is alive without love

without love life is not worth living

awakened from my sleep

i packed my current dream into my suitcase

slung my guitar over my shoulder

and headed on out of here



Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

There’s fire in the South

Earth is getting warmer

The heat is heading North

Watch the flow of Water

Coming from the West

Breathe best all air in passing

From heat rising in the East

Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

Something out there is burning

How will man quell this fire?


Siren of the Fire

The wailing tells the tale

The circle is getting hotter

And leaves a scorching trail

What melts these liquid rays?

Reigning on us from above

Time for counting days

To end all ends with Love

Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

The circle is out there burning

Who set this globe on fire?



written 28th July 1999



It’s Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day and i am here

with turkey spread around me

there’s brussel sprouts and party hats

oh isn’t Christmas lovely

the family are in festive mood

they sing and drink some more

the men go rest in the sitting room

guffaw, guffaw, guffaw

it’s laughter and it’s fun you see

oh isn’t Christmas lovely





written 17th December 1993

Teardrops At Christmas

Teardrops fall at christmas time

For all life which has been taken

and dear sweet tears fall from sad eyes

as worlds are left stunned and shaken

for saints and sinners who were taken too soon

the coldness of death ghosts present in the room, yet

the bonds of love that years hath made

shall never lessen will never fade

for hands on hearts and angels hold tight

the labour of love can yet still comfort the plight

as outstretched hands will offer gifts

words of wisdom whispered myths

a healing warmth to help you through

a guiding light to shine on you

now underneath this Christmas moon

understanding life, death, love cannot come too soon

so no more pain no more frustration

it is simply the way of complete creation

and songs of sadness should not be sung

until all bells of time are ringing, have been rung

now bless all hearts and let it be

death and the dead walk us through eternity



it’s funny how they grab you

words that is I say

they push themselves to the front of it all

letting nothing else get in their way

when you want to say something, say it

it’s no good holding back

nobody will ever listen

break the silence with your word attack

the power of the word

it’s a true wonder of the world

and it is such a shame

a losing game

when the knowledge of words goes unheard



You Will Find Love

the sun brings a love that is comfortable

warm and free and wonderful

unlike the moon and the love that it brings

mystery, madness, the strangest of things

the stars possess love you must reach up for

they’ll leave you starstruck, begging for more

so as you stand under the planets above

as long as you’re lucky, you will find love

the rain brings a love that is fresh and new

a fantasy world washes over you

but the wind can create love to lift you sky-high

and from up in the clouds you’ll watch life pass on by

the snow makes a love as big as a mountain

pure and clean and of course, never-ending

and as you stand under the weather from above

as long as you’re lucky, you will find love

written 3rd February 1995