Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

There’s fire in the South

Earth is getting warmer

The heat is heading North

Watch the flow of Water

Coming from the West

Breathe best all air in passing

From heat rising in the East

Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

Something out there is burning

How will man quell this fire?


Siren of the Fire

The wailing tells the tale

The circle is getting hotter

And leaves a scorching trail

What melts these liquid rays?

Reigning on us from above

Time for counting days

To end all ends with Love

Siren of the Fire

Siren of the Fire

The circle is out there burning

Who set this globe on fire?



written 28th July 1999




It’s Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day and i am here

with turkey spread around me

there’s brussel sprouts and party hats

oh isn’t Christmas lovely

the family are in festive mood

they sing and drink some more

the men go rest in the sitting room

guffaw, guffaw, guffaw

it’s laughter and it’s fun you see

oh isn’t Christmas lovely





written 17th December 1993

Teardrops At Christmas

Teardrops fall at christmas time

For all life which has been taken

and dear sweet tears fall from sad eyes

as worlds are left stunned and shaken

for saints and sinners who were taken too soon

the coldness of death ghosts present in the room, yet

the bonds of love that years hath made

shall never lessen will never fade

for hands on hearts and angels hold tight

the labour of love can yet still comfort the plight

as outstretched hands will offer gifts

words of wisdom whispered myths

a healing warmth to help you through

a guiding light to shine on you

now underneath this Christmas moon

understanding life, death, love cannot come too soon

so no more pain no more frustration

it is simply the way of complete creation

and songs of sadness should not be sung

until all bells of time are ringing, have been rung

now bless all hearts and let it be

death and the dead walk us through eternity



it’s funny how they grab you

words that is I say

they push themselves to the front of it all

letting nothing else get in their way

when you want to say something, say it

it’s no good holding back

nobody will ever listen

break the silence with your word attack

the power of the word

it’s a true wonder of the world

and it is such a shame

a losing game

when the knowledge of words goes unheard



You Will Find Love

the sun brings a love that is comfortable

warm and free and wonderful

unlike the moon and the love that it brings

mystery, madness, the strangest of things

the stars possess love you must reach up for

they’ll leave you starstruck, begging for more

so as you stand under the planets above

as long as you’re lucky, you will find love

the rain brings a love that is fresh and new

a fantasy world washes over you

but the wind can create love to lift you sky-high

and from up in the clouds you’ll watch life pass on by

the snow makes a love as big as a mountain

pure and clean and of course, never-ending

and as you stand under the weather from above

as long as you’re lucky, you will find love

written 3rd February 1995



Over Head Over Heels

it seems as if it is every night

just before i close my eyes

while the outside world is passing by

and nobody hears my cry

that i lay my head heavy onto my pillow

and listen to my breath calm me down

i feel so wanton for you and your body

as the nights’ shadows come around

as i shut my eyes to the slumber

and the darkness wraps me in silence

i know my lust grows stronger

and i’m caught in my own loves’ violence

i want to feel the man for real

the one who fills my dreams

i need to touch his naked flesh

to know what passion means

for the depths to which i have fallen

over head over heels in my mind

makes this blond-haired man with the bluest of eyes

the man who i must find

so the hours of blackness

that pass in between

to the beat of my heart and the lure of my brain

makes me a libertine again and again

my eyes open slowly to the warmth of the morn’

 i’m cuddled and kissed out of sleep

my dream man has left me with a smile so bright

from my other the secret I keep

one day i must feel the man for real

the one who consumes my dreams

i want him in body and soul next to me

to know what love really means

for the depths to which i have fallen

over head over heels in my mind

makes this blond-haired man with the bluest of eyes

the man who i must find

written 29th March 1994


Better Now

better to have an empty heart

than one that is broken in two

better to never love again

than to carry on loving you

after the laughter comes the pain

after that only scars remain

nothing will ever be the same

my heart is an empty place

better for me not to share with you

my love that grows inside

better for me to drop you off now

than continue with you on this ride

after the joy comes the sorrow

after the tears, comes tomorrow

i never want to beg, steal or borrow

your love just to fill this space




written October 8th 1993


Winter Moon

Winter moon

will turn to April Showers

and those April showers will bring Summer Sun

the Summer Sun brings all that is warm

until the Summer days are done

and after the sun

comes the rain again

and then leaves will fall away like always, just the same

as the Seasons pass and then very soon

we get back to where we find ourselves

beneath a Winter Moon



written 6th February 1995



Dead Man’s Skull

Changes occurring everywhere

Making people stop and stare

Into the future and what do they see?

A wasteland called Reality

Gases and smoke fill the air

But none of those pumping seem to care

Paper and glass litter the ground

A dead man’s skull will soon be found

The horizon seems so far away

It has been another degenerate day

Ignorance and greed have done it again

They’ve spoiled beauty and created pain

Meanness and wickedness have got their way

They’ve managed to ruin another day

Changes happening all over the place

More piles of rubbish are filling this space

More maniacs grabbing, seething and biting

Greater amounts of people are fighting

Young are frightened to grow and mature

Stunted by time, ignorant to Mother Nature

Warped populations of humans are breathing

Siblings are lost, their parents are grieving

Our morals of yesteryear behind us we’re leaving

We all need back something Good to believe in

(19th October 1993)



So Small

So small i feel my being is

Yet massive is my spirit

Whatever form I wish to take

I know my soul can match it

As Aeroplanes fly overhead

And horses gallop past

As raindrops splash around my feet

A magical spell is cast

Like a ray of sun brings quiet hope

To warm a saddened heart

A quiet tear helps one to cope

When life is torn apart

And all the passion in the world

That makes a love such fun

Can turn around and snatch the joy

From a dream that is on the run

So small maybe, yet like the sea

Emotions rule the deep

It’s like wishing at the wishing well

Is but a childhood memory to keep

So clear the sky and sweep the fields

Gather all that is beautiful together

Charm the path you tread through life

And believe you will live forever

For nothing like the flames of fire

Set deep within the mind

Will take you to the top of life

To live with your own kind


(written 10th June 1994)